"Wanna Play?" will be coming to a town near you in November 2018

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Wanna Play?

"The work comes at you like a fast curve ball" Bryce Kanbara YMG

"These mixed media pieces celebrate the animal pleasures of womanhood. they assert a human being's right to enjoy and explore the body and the influences that shape ourself perceptions"  F van Bork

"Rubber side down" Rudi

"That's the best name for a band I have ever heard "Pussy Trance" Chris W.

"A stage for the intensely imaginative, brave painters, artists, collectors and humans who inspire each other, custom framing the future" Karen Brouwers


Rachel Daman, dancing to "Sybil"

From the Archives: Rachel Daman, Artistic Director of Synapse Arts in Chicago, creates a dance performance in front of Sybil.

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